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Kickers bar n grill

Other Business is forcing us to sell our pride and joy. This is a full service Restaurant and Bar. There is over $80,000 in property. Everything is owned but the games. From the 6 plasmas to the icemachine etc. The bar and most of the tables where custom made. All cash offers will be accepted. We opened Nov. 1 of last year and have grossed over $400,000 as a new business and with two guys that know absolutely nothing about the business. There is multiple avenues to increase revenue. We have not advertised very much at all as well there is money sitting and waiting with adding a togo menu and/or delivery. There is only one pizza place that delivers with no other restaurants that do any type of delivery.
We had David Allen Coe last month and grossed over $28,000 in one night. Big bands seems the way to go. Tonight we have Deryl Dodd and expect a huge night. Call and come out tonight to check the place out. We have a full menu with over 50 items from burgers to crablegs and our famous Swamp Basket. there is a full kitchen, full bar, 800 sq ft dance floor, small stage with lights, video games,pool tables etc. We have karaoke night, pool tournaments, poker night, ladies night( we had la bare here 2 weeks ago and ran over $9000), live bands.
We do not want to sell but again our bread and butter business is calling.
Someone with more time and knowledge could easily gross over $1,000,000 a year.
This price is for quick sell only
Check out more picks and the menu at Facebook - Kickers Kaufman Texas

Kickers bar n grill Kickers bar n grill Kickers bar n grill Kickers bar n grill