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St. mary's spin roll rotary "v" block - rvm 100

St. Mary's Spin Roll Rotary "V" Block - RVM 100. This is a used gage, that is in good working and cosmetic condition.
This unit is for inspection only. Grinding damages the internal bearings. Please see other models for machining.
Inspects the concentricity and straightness of circular or round shafted objects quickly, safely, and accurately. Workpiece is inserted between the three intermeshing contact rolls and against the end stop which has been adjusted to the length required. The workpiece rotates on its own circumference, achieving precise concentricity while maintaining linear positioning. Because of the greater ratio of diameter of rolls to diameters of workpiece, the workpiece makes many revolutions per turn of the rolls.
* Assured concentricity .00005 T.I.R.
* Quick, easy, and accurate loading
* Mounts vertically or horizontally
* Finished lengths from 11/16 to 8" standard
* Handle fits choice of positions for operation
* Overall Dimensions (inches): 7-1/4 long x 4-1/2 high and 6-1/4 wide
* Diameter (inches): 1/64 to 1-1/4
* Length (inches): 11/16 to 8
* Bearings: Precision Ground Centers
* Clamping: Adjustable Spring Pressure

St. mary's spin roll rotary