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Valby heavy duty GR36" grapple w/ rigid mount rotator

Brand New SG36-HD Grapple with RIGID MOUNT RX 55F-FT Hydraulic Rotator.
* This Listing is ONLY for the Heavy Duty SG36-HD Grapple with RX 55F-FT Hydraulic Rotator.
* The Standard Duty SG36 will Not Bolt up to Rigid Mount Rotators.
* This Set-Up Comes Complete & Ready to Install Including:
* Grapple (as specified below).
* Rotator (as specified below).
* Hoses & Fittings from Rotator to Grapple!
* Maximum Gripping width is 36".
* Minimum Opening is 1-1/2" !
* Max Lift Capacity is 2860lb's.
* Height in the open position is 25".
* Height in the Closed Position is 14-1/2".
* Width of the widest Claw is 10-1/4".
* Working Pressure Rating is 2900psi.
* Gripping Force is 6630 ft lb's.
* Jaw Material is Hardox Steel.
* Grapple weight is 149lb's.
* Rotator Head is CONTINUOUS in Both Directions!!!
* Maximum Machine Weight is 3300lb's.
* Max Working Pressure is 3625psi.

Valby heavy duty GR36 Valby heavy duty GR36